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Warm carpet in living room - quality carpet product choices at Richmond Carpet

Is it true that carpet flooring warms a room?

Carpeting doesn't change the temperature of a room in the literal sense. It will, however, provide extra insulation.About R-ValueRugs can have a high R-Value which refers to insulation. It can range from 0.7 to 2.1; the higher, the better.Thick or wall-to-wall carpets are known for holding onto ...

Cozy living room with carpet and a dog relaxing

Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Yes, especially when you come into our carpeting showroom where you'll see plenty of styles, with brands like Mohawk and DreamWeaver. These companies have pet-driven warranties and fibers like SmartStrand, Triexta, PureColor, and more. Both humans and pets love this floor covering; humans because ...

Living room carpet fiber solutions - find your ideal choice at Richmond Carpet

Synthetic versus natural carpet fibers - what's the difference

The short answer is that natural carpet fibers are found in nature, while synthetic carpeting is created or constructed from a wide variety of different materials. Today, we will give you more facts on the difference between these two materials, so read along to learn more. Natural or synthetic ...

Selecting carpet flooring - many options available at Richmond Carpet

How to select the right carpet flooring

These days, carpeting has so many colors, patterns, styles, and designs there's something for everyone and every budget. This is a great thing, especially given that everyone has different needs and styles, so stay focused and become familiar with the three main elements that affect visual interest ...

Luxury vinyl flooring in a basement - other options available at Richmond Carpet

Can you have luxury vinyl plank flooring in a basement?

Luxury vinyl is a tremendous floor covering that has many benefits that can function all at the same time. You’ll find it to be durable, with stunning visuals, and a lifespan that will serve you well for many years.One of the best characteristics of this floor covering is that it offers 100% ...

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