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Blog > Is it true that carpet flooring warms a room?

Is it true that carpet flooring warms a room?

Carpeting doesn't change the temperature of a room in the literal sense. It will, however, provide extra insulation.

About R-Value

Rugs can have a high R-Value which refers to insulation. It can range from 0.7 to 2.1; the higher, the better.

Thick or wall-to-wall carpets are known for holding onto heat or cool better.

Padding: extra insulation

Padding can vary between 1.05 to 2.15. When combined with a rug, the total insulation of a soft surface floor covering goes through the roof.

Other benefits of carpet include:

1. Adding elegance and style. Technology keeps it ever-evolving.

There are larger color palettes with digital patterning and better color retention. They also address extra stain resistance and durability.

Some versions address specific needs such as sustainability, hypoallergenic, and pet warranties. This includes many brands, including Mohawk Industries.

2. Acting as an air filter. Particles and pollutants that are not picked up by the vacuum become trapped in the fibers. They'll remain there until the carpets are deep cleaned.

They’re also one of the lowest emitters of VOCs. Learn more in our carpet store.

3. Preventing slips and falls. Rugs have good traction, so kids and pets can slow down when needed. Also, if falls happen, it's a lot easier on a soft surface than on a hard one.

4. Eliminating noise. Cushioning absorbs sound from footsteps, beeping devices, muffled conversations, etc.

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