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Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Yes, especially when you come into our carpeting showroom where you'll see plenty of styles, with brands like Mohawk and DreamWeaver. These companies have pet-driven warranties and fibers like SmartStrand, Triexta, PureColor, and more.

Both humans and pets love this floor covering; humans because of the style that adds elegance to any home. Pets love the nice, warm, comfortable place on which to lie and, while we love our furry, four-legged friends, we also have to admit they can be pretty rough on floors.

What to look for in a pet-friendly carpet

Luckily, most carpets today come with extra stain resistance and durability. In short, you need to be sure the rug is durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to sounds like barking and meowing.

You’ll hear the word “pile” a lot in our carpet store. That means how the yarns are attached to the rug's backing; some will say a low pile rug with short, tightly woven fibers is the best choice because they're easier to clean, durable, and stylish, while shags, with their long, loose fibers are harder to keep clean.

Fiber choice: of paramount importance

Fiber is the material from which the rug yarns are made, so, in effect, it's the very foundation of a rug. There are five most common, including wool and natural. In contrast, carpets with natural fibers are good because they contain no chemicals, toxins, or VOCs (volatile organic compounds); they are a little more absorbent, so spills need to be wiped immediately.

Nylon is a synthetic, known for ultra strength, resiliency, and good stain resistance when a protectant is applied. Polyester is a close second to nylon in popularity; it's non-absorbent, so stain resistance is inherent. Olefin, too, is non-absorbent and also budget-friendly.

Triexta is both strong and has permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. Other fibers to explore are SmartStrand, EverStrand, Air.o, PureColor, and more.

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